It all sounded the same…

First Men At Work get sued by a bunch of Girl Guides (well, pretty much), and now Eddy Grant is jumping on the plagiarism gravy train, accusing Gorillaz of nicking a three-note keyboard riff from his 1983 song, Time Warp. (My opinion? Same key, different tempos, probably accidental and I’d be very surprised if Eddy got any money out of it. But what do I know?)

Anyway, leading on from that here’s the first in a new series called Separated At Birth – two records that I think sort of sound a little bit similar to each other if you’re not listening too closely and have your head stuck in a bucket of custard. Jane’s Addiction and The Cure… but which came first? The Cure song was released a year before the Jane’s song, but there’s live footage on Youtube of the Jane’s song which (it is claimed) is from a year before the Cure song was released, so who knows? Who cares? Tune in next week for another episode!


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2 Responses to “It all sounded the same…”

  1. solcofn Says:

    I am a huge fan of both bands…and I don’t think, outside of a few horn bits, think they sound alike.

    Not as badly as some other pop music these does anyway.

  2. leespoons Says:

    I dunno… same key and same overall sound. Perhaps it’s just me.

    Without wishing to sound like my dad, you’re right about pop music these days. I’d say well over two-thirds of all new songs played on Radio 1 (supposedly the UK’s biggest station for new music) contains the same four chords C, G, A and F or some transposition of the same. Recycling is good, but not if it’s music.

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