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By The Rivers Of Babble-On

March 13, 2010

I was listening to Radio Babylon by Meat Beat Manifesto the other day when something bleedin’ obvious struck me. Have a listen and see if you can guess what:

No, not the fact that Liam Howlett half-inched the breakbeat for Charly a year later, nor the fact that the bassline sounds very similar to FSOL’s Papua New Guinea (but not identical, as I once proved to Tim from Mutant Pop/Radio Clash by singing both basslines to him – he wasn’t entirely convinced, but I was drunk).

It’s not even the fact that this was one of the very first proto-jungle tunes (although it was).

Nope, it’s the source of the main vocal sample.


Now where the hell have I heard that before?

Oh yeah! A fifth birthday party, in Bedford, in about 1980. Probably my own fifth birthday party. It’s fucking BONEY M!!!!*

I revealed this little-known factoid on Twitter yesterday, and here’s Luke Dsico‘s response:

Well, it made me laugh anyway.

(and I always, ALWAYS end up singing “how shall we sing the Lord’s song in Australia”. WHY?!?!!?)

*I don’t usually do multiple exclamation marks, but they’re entirely justified in this case

Yep, another music blog

March 12, 2010

I’ve been meaning to start one of these for ages, so here goes. It’s a music blog (how 2007!), and occasionally I might post a link to the odd mp3, but more than that, it’s somewhere for me to waffle on about the music that, well, sets me ears alight…

Yes, that’s Desmond Dekker’s Me’Israelites. Which leads me to this remake from 1992:

I’m probably going to be posting a lot of old skool rave, but also hip hop, indie, jungle, acid house, bootlegs, mashups, some modern stuff, and the odd rant about the unbearable shiteness of Scouting For Girls. Whatever takes my fancy really. As I make my own mixes too, I’ll leave you with one from 2007, which features the Chops-EMC and Extensive track above (mixed with Soft Cell!): have a listen here.