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Mashup Monday

March 15, 2010

Normally I hate the word “mashup” – when I started doing them in my bedroom twenty-odd years ago they were called “bootlegs” if they were called anything, and when releasing them over the interweb in 2003 the term “bastard pop” was also being thrown about – but like it or not, “mashup” has become the preferred term for two or more records mixed together. Nobody really uses the term “bastard pop” any more, and “bootleg” confuses the hell out of people who come looking for old Hawkwind concerts recorded by Thomas Edison on shellac discs in 1873 (or something).

Mashup Monday, then. Every Monday I’m going to post a mashup by someone – either a video, or a streaming player, or something that enables you to listen to said mashup without buggering off somewhere else. Sometimes if I’m feeling lazy they’ll be old ones of mine, like this from 2005 (I think) – it’s LFO vs The Communards, released under the nom de boot of Fudge Tools. Video by Tim Instafingerbeartrouble Cubmaticradio Mutantclashpop (or whatever he’s called this week)