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I created a mO.N.stE.r

April 8, 2010

Yes, yes, I know, it’s been an absolute dog’s age since my last update. I’ve mostly been busy with family stuff but have found time to listen repeatedly to Yeasayer‘s brilliant new album, Odd Blood. The single O.N.E. has been getting some pretty heavy airplay on Radio 6 Music, and it’s not even the best thing on the album (current favourite track – the David-Sylvian-goes-raving Love Me Girl, but it’s all good).

Anyway as the single version of of O.N.E. contains an instrumental I thought I’d throw together a bootleg, with indie disco favourites The Automatic providing the vocals (and a cheeky guitar solo). If I’m going to carry on doing these things I might as well use stuff I like, eh? Oh and by the way, I’m now Lee Spoons for all future productions – new decade and all that, plus I was fed up with people inserting commas and removing zeroes into 10000.

Have a listen/download below or go to my soundcloud page:

There’s also a mediafire link here in case the soundcloud download exceeds 100 (I can dream, eh?)

Right, must get some sleep, Bootie London tomorrow! Very much looking forward to seeing some old and new faces and in particular a DJ set by The Kleptones, whose Uptime/Downtime is another strong contender for my album of the year…